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The Romatic Hand Soap Dispenser Set
Pair a classic matte finish with an accent base of your choice and, most importantly, an aromatic adventure. With a rotating set of naturally sensual fragrances, you can take a walk in the woods, a stroll by the sea, or pick an orchard orange any time you please.

Your everyday aesthetic? Luxuriously clean.
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Lavish Lather

Mysterious on the outside. Intoxicating on the inside. Welcome to the sweet spot for sophisticated handwash.

an intoxicating experience

Scent 1: Of the sea

Salt air and sage.
Reminiscent of strolling down the coast with notes of salt air, eucalyptus, and sage.

Scent 2: Of the earth

Wood smoke and amber.
Reminiscent of lounging fireside with notes of wood smoke, myrrh, and amber.

Scent 3: Of the grove

Lemon and bergamot.
Reminiscent of lush fruit trees with notes of lemon, orange peel, and bergamot

Product Details

Romatic soap set includes: 


  • Durable stainless-steel dispenser in powder-matte finish with detachable silicon bottom, plus holding area for soap can lid. Store the lid of the aluminum soap bottle refill under dispenser in case you want to change scents and save one for later use.
  • Two sophisticated scent profiles in recyclable aluminum cans. 

8” H x 2.7” D
Stainless steel, aluminum, plastic, and silicone
How to use
Effortlessly replace the existing soap without a mess by unscrewing it from the pump. Gently fasten your refill bottle to the pump and set inside the base until the linings touch.
  • Wipe dispenser body, pump, and nozzle with damp cloth. Let dry before using.
  • Store soap can cap on the bottom of dispenser to recap if swapping soaps.
  • Remove bottom of dispenser and screw aluminum Curio soap bottle into top of dispenser. Press the bottom of dispenser onto soap bottle until it meets stainless steel body.
  • Pump head to deploy soap and enjoy your visceral vacation.