The home goods we wanted didn't exist.
So we made them.

Friends talking at a dinner party

High performance pieces designed to leave on display, each tool has an unexpected element purposefully placed to elevate its raison d'être. From magnetized mounts to covert cleaning systems, Curio was made to excite your curiosity. 

Curio ignites imagination and transcends routine. Every product is durable and functional but also stops you in your tracks to get a closer look. We're better than anything you've seen or used before.

Closeup of Curio Homegoods Stainless Steel Ionic Brush Set standing on counter

Designed in LA

We are designers, collectors and citizens of the world. Curiosity is our compass, design is our guide.

Inspired by the mastery of fine art, innovation and invention we set out to elevate the everyday experience and create gallery worthy household tools. Durable, beautiful, and designed to leave on display.

Curio Homegoods Ionic Palm Brush laying on top of design paper

Designed to Sustain

We chose durable materials and resistant finishes to withstand the test of everyday use and looked so good, even we couldn't stop talking about them. You seek out the exceptional, and we deliver.  

Dark kitchen counter with candle and painting

Designed to Display

We know we're not the only ones moved by the magic of design. If artful appreciation is the cornerstone of your life like it is ours, well how kismet.

Not that you're looking for the attention, but we've noticed that's what Curio gets. A lot of it. Let Curio start the conversation for you.

Sketches of Curio Homegoods products in notebook
Closeup of Curio Homegoods designer drawing in notebook