The Ionic Brush Set Bristles
1 of each bristle for every dishwashing brush in The Ionic Brush Set. Let us do the upkeep for you. Subscribe for germ free bristles delivered right to your pristine doorstep.
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Medical studies have shown that regardless of how or how often you disinfect your cleaning tools, they collect a large amount of bacteria quickly. Replace your brush heads every 12 weeks to avoid any dangerous build-up of mold and grime.

Product Details

Available in Onyx or White to complement your kitchen, this set includes dish brush replacement heads for:

  • The Ionic Bottle Brush Bristles: Short, soft nylon bristles for cleaning delicate glasses, wine goblets and water bottles. 
  • The Ionic Palm Brush Bristles: Extra-firm, non-scratch bristles for dishes, pans, pots and stubborn messes. 
  • The Ionic Dish Brush Bristles: Firm, non-scratch bristles and 3-sided scraper for dishes, pans and tougher baked on spots.
Nylon, silicone and plastic
  • Unscrew brush heads from handles and wash one time per week. Top rack dishwasher safe.
  • Do not microwave, boil or steam sterilize.
Replace brush heads every 3 months or let us do it for you.